An Affair to Remember

When my husband, Sean, was in eighth grade, his class planned a field trip to New York City. The trip, of course, was a monumental event for kids living near Philadelphia back in the 1980s and would cost $80. His…

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Every year on Thanksgiving, usually running late (as we were this year), we drive to Clifton Station to meet up with the family, and head into the city to see the Philadelphia parade. The set-up is one in which the…

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Loss, Faith and Children

There have not been many scenes in my life more poignant than watching my four children and their four cousins, all between the ages of 7 and 18,  say goodbye to their grandfather (my father-in-law) in the back of the…

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The Phantom Finish Line

09 September 2016   

I admit it – I love my birthday. Really, who doesn’t?  Between the cake, the ice cream, the balloons and the good wishes, I never met a birthday I didn’t like. I can’t understand how…

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An Offer They Couldn't Refuse

02 July 2016 

We’ve all passed them on the boardwalks, the musty Old Time Photo shops, where customers line up in droves to have portraits taken in gangster, flapper, cowboy or pirate attire, against antiquated backdrops, holding timeworn props…

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Ready or Not: Kindergarten Registration

05 March 2016 

It’s happening again. Waking in a panic with confusion and worry. Becoming overly emotional at commercials and cartoons. Desperately trying to savor, if not record, every blessed moment, as a response to the sensation of impending…

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Ain't That a Kick in the Shins

05 February 2016 

It’s hard to believe, especially as a child, that your grandparents were ever young. What’s even harder to envision is that they were ever in love, in the whistling-“That’s-Amore”, buying-boxes-of-chocolates sense. Sure, they held hands, to…

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Morning Person

30 December 2015 

I am the only chipper morning-person in this house, living with five night owls, which means I am completely out of sync with the rest of my family. Nearly every day, I spring out of bed…

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Another One Bites the Dust

12 November 2009 

The knife, lathered in the peanut butter that I had been rinsing off as I loaded the dishwasher, fell out of my shaking hands and hit the bottom of the kitchen sink. Slowly, I turned and…

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Sense and Sensibility

03 July 2015 

Exactly seventeen years ago, on a sunny, funny summer day, Sean and I got married. We kick-started this journey with a trip to Moorea, where we got a drumstick stuck in a coconut in an attempt…

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