Ways to Earn A Purple Petal

21 January 2008 

Due to holiday interruptions, and the fact that the Daisy troop only meets every other week to begin with, Ashley and Juliet had been waiting very anxiously for the Girl Scout meeting that they finally attended…

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Joy to the World, This Year is Done

26 December 2011 

One of the best things about Christmas time is that, mixed in with bills and circulars, more often than not, there is a beautiful card or photo from a friend or family member to look forward…

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The Package 

Well, the big news in our household is the arrival of our (now) 5-week-old baby girl. Peewee is the fourth blessing that my husband and I have received as parents, and follows twin 9-year-old girls and a 7-year-old boy. Needless…

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Bridezilla's Offspring

29 April 2009 

Carol Brady never sprayed her children with Lysol, I do realize this; however, there’s something about celebrations involving pretty white dresses that brings out the madness in women. Certainly, we’ve heard horror stories about Bridezillas, otherwise…

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No More Taxis

10 March 2009 

Did you know that President John Adams was a noteworthy public sleeper? That is, according to my third-grade daughter, who is currently working on her first research report. It turns out, the entire family is learning…

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The Naughty, the Nice and the Boys

28 November 2009 

“Mommy,” my six-year-old son asked with genuine concern, as he looked around the room that was newly decorated for Christmas, “does anyone really get coal from Santa?” Remembering the story about my grand-uncle, who received coal…

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...Give Me Something Good to Eat

12 November 2009 

  “Mom! We’re going to have parties in school!” My three kids, twin girls in third grade and a singleton boy in first, came bursting through the front door after school a few weeks ago and bombarded…

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