Oh, What a Knight! Drumming with Dame Evelyn Glennie

Thanks to my husband, Sean J. Kennedy, who produced this video, I enjoyed a dream-com-true type of experience when I saw my snare drum recording side-by-side with legendary percussionist, Dame Evelyn Glennie. The common thread between us is that we both lost our hearing at a young age, yet both love music and continued to study and perform on percussion instruments, despite our losses. She, of course, has been knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, while I have coronated myself, HRH Heather the Great, Countess of the Carpool, Duchess of Dinnertime. I mean, I have two titles - so technically, I win, right?   

In all seriousness, I had the best time with this project and am so grateful for the opportunity to play with Dame Evelyn Glennie and all of the others in this cast of talented and accomplished musicians. Check it out!



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