Leaving Today: A Prayerful Pause

The sky is still dark, but I left my phone downstairs and Sean’s pillow is hiding the alarm clock, so I don’t know for sure what time it is. The nerves in my feet jolt at the realization that morning has broken, and, ready to move, they instinctively issue the work order to start my toes toward the edge of the bed, but abruptly halt. My heart stops them. After rocking a heaviness through the night and passing the swaddled mass off to the awakening mind, she’s weaker than the rest of the body and needs a moment to muster the strength and will to set the day in motion. “The child is grown and leaving home today.” It’s a reminder she whispers gently, advising her soul to hold the moment in prayerful pause, to embrace the sacredness of the in-between, and to invite God to breathe his blessing on a defining moment between what was and what will be. 

Gracious God, we give you thanks for all that has been and for the hope of all that will be. We ask your blessing on our family as we continue to grow in different directions. We ask that the children you have entrusted to us will faithfully forge into the world you created, sharing the gifts you gave them, and seeking your guidance in all they undertake. Remind them that you are with them, even when we cannot be, and forever remain their loving light. Amen.

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